Frequently Asked Questions

Because I get every day emails with the same questions I started this Faq.
Please read the faq before you send me an email with questions.
If your question is not in the faq then mail me with this Contact Form

Questions about SexCams4Free
Q: Is your site real free? Do we have to pay nothing?
A: Yes, my site is real free. I don't use membership.

Q: How do you pay your webspace?
A: On my site are banners like this one.

If a visitor of my site clicks on the banner and is viewing my sponsors website I get some money.Its not much but if every visitor of my site click on a banner I get engouh to pay my webspace.So it is very importent to click every time you visited my site to click minimum 1 banner.Because if nobody clicks my banners I'll have to close my site...

Q: How often do you update SexCams4Free?
A: I update my site every week, most times on friday so you've new content for the week-end ;)but sometimes I don't update my site... then I'm busy with school or other work or........

Questions about the sexcams
Q: None of your cams are working!
  1. Some of the cams only works with Internet Explorer.
  2. Always use the newest browser.
  3. Besure that your browser is java compatible and that java is turned on.

Q:I want to contact with the woman/man on the cams!
A: Sorry you can't. I don't have information about the woman/man on the cams.

Q: I want to chat with the girls / boys
A: You can only chat with the girls / boys if you join a paysite (sorry...)
I've listed a couple of nice sites on http://www.sexcams4free.com/paysite

Misc. questions
Q:I want to be a pornstar. How do I become one?
A: If you've a webcam a can give you a page on my site and there you can display your show.
Please contact me by this Contact Form

btw: You'll have to do this for the fun, not for the money... :)